Crash Course In Self-Publishing: Amazon Ebook & Print by Writer's Edit

Crash Course In Self-Publishing: Amazon Ebook & Print

Learn How To Publish Your eBook & Print Book To Amazon. No Technical Knowledge Required.


A comprehensive, 34-lesson course focused on giving you the skills, confidence and resources to self-publish your books on Amazon with no technical assistance

We built this course to address the questions and concerns that we hear most often, like:

  • Is self-publishing right for me?
  • What is an ISBN and how do I get one?
  • How do I hire an editor and proofreader? 
  • How do I hire a cover designer?
  • What's the best way to format my book for print?
  • How do I prepare my book for print?
  • How do I publish my ebook to Amazon?

There is no shortage of books and courses out there about self-publishing to Amazon, but in our experience - the vast majority contain mere general advice, and aren't structured in a way which allows you to 'follow along' in a linear fashion.

The purpose of this course is to break down what is a huge challenge of into bite-size portions, which you can study and undertake at your own pace.

We've created a step-by-step process for you to follow, which will enable you to start expertly publishing books to Amazon today

What's included?

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Preparing Your Book For Self-Publishing
Understanding Front and Back Matter
What's an ISBN and How To Get One
Using Copyrighted Materials
Hiring An Editor and Proofreader
How To Hire A Cover Designer
How To DIY Cover Designer
Hiring A Typesetter
DIY Ebook Formatting
Finals Material Checklist
How To Self-Publish Your Ebook on Amazon
Creating A Publication Schedule
Reviewing the KDP Guidelines
Create a KDP Account
Create a New Title
Enter Your Book Title Details
Add Your Book Description and Publishing Rights
Choose Target Customers and Release Options
Upload Your Book Cover and Ebook File
Preview Your Book
Decide on Rights and Pricing
Final Considerations
Self-Publishing Your Print Book on Amazon
Create Your Createspace Account
Start A New Project
Enter Your Title Information
Assign an ISBN
Select the Interior Elements of Your Book
Use the Interior Reviewer
Complete Your Book File Set-up
Upload Your Cover Design
Order Proof Copies
Review Your Proof Copies
Approve the Final File
Bonus Material
Ebook: Which Publishing Path Is Right For You
810 KB
[PDF] 11 Habits of a Six-Figure Income Indie Author.pdf
506 KB
[PDF] 5 Fresh Ideas For Promoting An Indie Book.pdf
408 KB
[PDF] 15 Random Lessons I Learnt Publishing My First Indie Book.pdf
434 KB
Publishing Terms for Authors.pdf
123 KB

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